Copper Backsplash

Copper backsplash is one of the best ways to spruce up an old bathtub or for a shower. It adds a natural look that's more like stone, is stain resistant and lastly it's easy to clean.

The first thing you have to decide on when shopping for a copper backsplash is if you want one with the flushable effect. There are three ways you can do it: by the sloped edges, by the rounded edge or by the natural flatness. You can also choose the shape if it matches your tub.

If you decide to install copper backsplash yourself, you need a few tools. You will need a paintbrush, sponge, water soluble paint (not paint thinner) and copper paint. If you wish to install the copper back splash yourself, you must have the following skills.

*Know basic plumbing knowledge. If you have some experience in plumbing, you may use this as a big advantage because it will save you from spending a lot of money on the repair and improvement costs. However, you will need to know the basic plumbing fixtures such as the faucet, the shower head, the shower and the soap dish etc.

* Practice your hands in making the copper backsplash properly. Some people are not comfortable to get a wet towel over their hands and even then, they usually don't clean their hands well enough. In this case, you must use a damp cloth to wipe off the soap and towels from the copper area. Then you can dry them on the basin with the towel on the open end to avoid soap residue.

* Always be careful about the way you install the copper. There are two kinds of copper tiles that you can choose from: the glazed and the unglazed. The former has a smooth surface and the latter has a matte finish. It is important to select the right kind of the tile so that it matches with the other features of the bathtub.

* Choose the type of tile that best suits the style of your bathroom. You can choose it according to the style of your bathtub. You can find it in different patterns, sizes and colors. There are different shapes of the tiles such as oval, square, round, rectangle and octagon.

* Let's take the regular tile for example. They come in various thicknesses depending on the size and you can buy it according to the size of your tub. However, you need to make sure that you pick out the tile according to the size of the bathtub to avoid having a big gap between the walls.

* If you do not have much experience in picking out the tile, you can consider getting a sample of the tile that will be better for you. Once you get this sample, you can learn from it and eventually save yourself the trouble of trying to install the tiles by yourself. You will find it easier to learn the techniques of installing the tile once you get some good samples of them.

* Check out the thickness of the tile. The thickness of the tiles should be measured twice; once with a tape measure and once with a ruler. The next step is to buy them as per the measurements you got.

* Take the sample to the actual installation. You can bring it to the store where you have purchased the tiles or you can bring it to the location where you plan to install the tiles.

Your home will look beautiful with the copper backsplash. You just have to be careful while buying thetiles and learn how to install them.

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