Metal Backsplash

A great accent for any home or office is a clean, white, metal backsplash. This easy-to-clean surface often features floral patterns in the form of an eggplant design, starfish, or other patterns that lend themselves to clean and tasteful design. They're great for using indoors as well as out.

You can accent the look of your metal backsplash even more by painting the design onto your countertop or using a stencil. These are inexpensive and easy to do. No matter what design you choose, your metal backsplash will make a statement for you and your home.

To begin, start by getting a pattern for your metallic theme. A stencil is a great way to display your designs. Keep in mind that every stencil you use will take a little bit of paint to cover.

Next, paint a coat of acrylic to a stainless steel surface such as a metal backsplash. When you remove the paint, your metal backsplash will match the rest of your kitchen. Be sure to leave a little bit of room at the top of the stencil for a metal toothpick.

Take a piece of metal and poke it into the corners of the metal back splash. Use a paperclip to press it firmly in place so the design is the same height as the stencil. Then, let it dry and the next design will be easier to apply.

To ensure the greatest hold, you should allow the aluminum foil to dry a day or two before you place anything on top of it. You can also use a stencil as a guide, but be sure to make any marks invisible. If you have a lot of artwork, your final result may need to be ground to fit, but that's a job for another time.

This type of backing, no matter how it's done, will help prevent food damage as well as dust. Since your metal backsplash will be visible in areas that require direct sunlight, be sure to place covers for the area. Place these under your unit when not in use.

This type of backing is commonly used in commercial kitchens. While the traditional designs for backsplashes have been the simple, plain one with a flower design, decorative styles have surfaced as well. A floral motif will go best with flat white countertops. There are also a variety of other designs such as zodiac signs.

Animal designs may be one of the most popular types of designs. You'll find many different types of animals. You can have the common "animals" of the sea, sky, and land. You can have more abstract designs such as an aquatic plant, fish, or a dolphin.

For those who favor natural earthy colors, some classic earth colors include brick, sand, and dirt. If you have a particular accent color, you can have your metal backsplash made to match it.

You'll find many interesting shapes to add to your metal backsplash as well. You can find oval shapes, rectangle shapes, round shapes, and lots of other shapes. Some of these have cutouts for pipes, pipes with holes, and other type of piping that will take up room.

Many businesses are choosing to have their backsplashes made with custom designs. There are many different types of styles available including flowers, fish, sun, seagulls, and others.

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